The most beloved duo of a pop song in the ’90s, Zoheb Hassan and Nazia Hassan, will always be remembered. They changed the course of music not only with their music but also with their style. They started their career as kids and since then the journey of success for the duo began.

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Although the journey was not as long as we expected and desired it to be but within this short span of time they had given us the best music. Nazia Hassan was not just a doll pretty face but had immense talent in singing and perfect styling sense; unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age and left this mortal world too soon. Since then it is Zoheb who is left alone the maestro after his sister.

This year’s PSL fever began with the grand opening by many artists and the PSL song this time by Fawad Khan. Not liked by a few, as people associate PSL with the quirky numbers given by Ali Zafar earlier.

This time the controversy arose when they used Nazia’s Disco Deewane without asking any permission from Zoheb, on which he stated that he was going to take legal action against them. It seems like as if they have taken up permission from Zoheb to use Nazia’s music this time around. Zoheb announced this on his social media account.

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He stated in his post that he is pleased to offer their song Dosti to PSL T20 this year, including a tribute to his (Late) sister Nazia Hassan through Disco Deewane in the closing ceremony of HBL PSL in Karachi.

We are hoping the way this PSL has carried forward and had always brought us joys and happiness the closing ceremony will be as good as the opening and will keep the cricket lovers of Pakistan crave for more celebration to come.