After the most debatable topic of celebrity life, these days is the #metoo campaign. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebs became a target of harassment during their time but #metoo gave them a platform to express what they have gone through.

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Tanushree Dutta former miss world is doing a short film called Inspiration, in which she will speak about harassment in Bollywood. An online content platform offered the production of this film approached Tanushree for the project. In this, she is playing the guardian angel that inspires girls to make the right decision, based on the ordeal of victims who faced sexual harassment

The dialogues of the film claim to be written by Tanushree herself inspired by her own insight and understanding on the matter. As recalled last year Tanushree held the torch for the #metoo campaign when she called out Nana Patekar for sexually harassing her on the set of her film OK Horn Pleassss 2009. She had filed a First Information Report (FIR) against him. Although, Patekar has denied all charges filed against him.

The online release date of the film is March 8, International Women’s Day, the film will be an inspiration for the girls who went willful exploitation of young newcomers in showbiz. The concept is based around true stories and experiences turned into fiction format.

Tanushree inspired other girls from another field to speak up about their stories and their harassers. Headlining the story as guardian angel will encourage girls to make the right decision. This project is taken up by her after nine years and it is also the beginning of her career as a writer.

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She was invited as a guest speaker to Harvard Business School where the journalist Pankaj Pachauri held a special session.

We are looking for this online saga to hopefully make its mark and fulfill its purpose of educating girls of their rights and warn the harassers to be careful as now its high time when they cannot hide from the eyes of the law and will face consequences.