The thrilling patriotic trailer is out and holds your breath as this is going to sweep you off your feet. This year’s heartthrob character will be ‘Sherdil’ PAF fighter pilots, who will take you with them on the mesmerizing journey of love and passion for the motherland.
To spice it up more, the selection of actors is also perfect. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Armeena Rana Khan will be playing the lead roles in the upcoming patriotism saga.

The feel of the film will fly you back to 1965 Pakistan – India war. The trailer highlighted the life of a PAF pilot who got chosen in the path that leads towards his passion to serve his country. He is ready to take down life and even give life to his homeland.

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The trailer showed two fighter jets flying across the sky ready for the battle, the throttle of their engine will pump your heart out, while in the cinema you will become part of the PAF training academy and will learn just like they learn the importance of duty, honor and how to love one’s country above all.

Carrying forward the legacy of their forefathers how young blood aims to become a strong shield to protect its women, children, old, is what drives the passion in a person while he signs up to serve his Country and to die for. This is indeed a small tribute for the Heroes of Pakistan who laid down their lives to protect us and give us a happy life.

As we hear the grandma saying in the film that those men in uniforms appears very ordinary. But when an hour of need, they are standing by to sacrifice everything. Or when the son asked to tell his father that a Shaheed never dies, will melt your heart so much you can even cry.

Bhoot Police: Saif Ali Khan, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Ali Fazal to star in 3D horror comedy

The lighter side of the film is when Armeena comes, indulging the romantic factor to the film as she plays Mikaal’s love life. Shots of the two actors are showing chemistry between the two when Armeena’s sari flowing dramatically in the winds of a sand desert, or the duo driving in a luxury car and running on the beach in slow motion.

The film is all set to launch on 22 of March this year and we are anxiously waiting for its early booking because all we can wait is this time to wrap up quickly and we land in the cinema.