Salman Khan's Bharat sets some new records in Bollywood

Once again, the films of Bollywood star Salman Khan, record highs in their first performances of Hindi cinema, this time the film “Bharat”, which exceeded all expectations, the first days of the show because of the great success achieved.

The film “Bharat” starring Salman Khan, on his first day of the first day of the feast, to achieve more than $ 6 millions USD, to break all records of the income of the opening of any Hindi film.

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After the end of the third day of the festival, the film’s income reached about $ 12 million, an indication of more record breaking, both in Indian cinema in general and star Salman Khan in particular, while the promotion of the film has reached 58 million viewers.

The two-hour, 34-minute film revolves around a child born in the Indian city of Lahore before the division between India and Pakistan. His father decided to call him Bharat to be an independent figure, and no one cares about his family name, Muslim or Hindu.

The scenes in the desert of Abu Dhabi were more than magnificent, as they showed the beauty of the desert, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in the UAE. Salman appeared in this scene driving a motorcycle as if trying to unite with that beautiful nature.

But Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif heroine of the film along with Salman, introduced the role of “Kumud” that I met Bharat while working oil tests, and signed his love having seen many of his positions with humanity, tolerance and strength sometimes, when it calls for it.

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That’s why Katrina appeared as simple as she might have shown for the first time, which he showed as a simple Indian woman wearing a saree and dreaming only of living in peace with her husband.

It is worth mentioning that Ali Abbas Zafer is the director of the film. Dreams of the return of Indo-Pakistan relations, as before before the division of land.