Priyanka Chopra is under fire after accusations of encouraging war

As tension between India and Pakistan has escalated recently in the wake of developments in Kashmir, the famous Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has entered the crisis line and is accused of promoting “Nuclear War”.

During a cosmetic event in Los Angeles, the actress and former Miss World were exposed to embarrassing questions about a tweet in which she supported the Indian armed forces amid rising tensions with Pakistan.

During the event, entitled “Beauty Con”, a girl asked the audience, during the question and answer, the microphone to ask the Indian star, who made her name in Bollywood before moving to shine in the United States.

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“It was hard to hear you talk about humanity because as a neighbor to you, a Pakistani, I know you are a hypocrite,” said the girl, later known as Aisha Malik.

Malik cited a tweet published by Chopra on her official Twitter account on February 26 that wrote “Jay Hind”, which means “victory for India”, and included the tweet labeled “Indian Armed Forces”.

“You are the UNICEF ambassador for peace and you are encouraging the nuclear war against Pakistan. There is no winner in this. Millions of people like me support you in your work in Bollywood,” said Malik.

Staff at the event quickly pulled the microphone from Malik, but Chopra, married to pop star Nick Jonas, said, “I hear you. When you’re done venting your anger. Did you do that?”

“A lot of friends from Pakistan and I am from India,” Chopra, 37, said. “War is not something I can really say, but I’m patriotic”.

Chopra criticized Malik’s way of addressing her, saying: “The way you talked to me now, girl, don’t shout. We’re all here for love. Don’t shout. Don’t embarrass yourself.”

And Sunday, Malik touched on the controversial moment of the cosmetic event, on her Twitter account. “Hi, I’m the girl who shouted at Priyanka Chopra. “.

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She accused Malik Chopra of shining a spotlight on her, saying: “She has highlighted me and turned me into a bad person”.

One person commented on Malik’s tweet that the crisis between Pakistan and India would now get more media coverage. “That’s exactly why I did what I did”, she said. “Both India and Pakistan were in danger. Rather than calm, I sent that pro-nuclear tweet”.

The two nuclear-armed neighbors, India and Pakistan, have already fought two wars over Kashmir, which has been a source of constant tension since the two countries gained independence in 1947.

Tensions over the future of Kashmir escalated dramatically a week ago when India announced it had decided to abolish its own autonomous status.