Paksitani Bollywood star Sajal Ali announces her engagement
Paksitani Bollywood star Sajal Ali announces her engagement

After speculation of an emotional relationship, Pakistani actress Sajal Ali, who played his son Sri Devi’s character in the film Mom, confirmed her latest engagement to actor Ahad Reza Mir recently.

The duo announced on Monday (June 3rd) the happy engagement in their accounts at the social networking site Instagram, so that the celebration would be joyful, celebration of the festival this year as well as engagement. Ahad took part in a photo of him and his new fiancé.

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“Today is a new beginning, and today we are happy to announce our engagement with the blessings of the two families. Our private day will be more private with the love and prayer of our family,” wrote Riza. “For her part, congratulated Pakistani actress Mahera Khan, whose first appearance in Bollywood before Shahrukh Khan in Rice “, The beautiful duo

One was first seen together in the series Dr Asfandyar and Dr Zoobia, and it seems that the work was the first special chemistry between the duo until they won a movie award in 2018 for being the most popular on the screen.

Sajal is a famous television actress and is famous for playing and presenting a variety of characters in a series of soap operas – from contemporary social to romantic drama, and has become one of the most outstanding actresses in Pakistan.

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