After Pakistan Navy shot down two fighter aircraft early this week, recently Pakistan Navy detected an Indian submarine at night trying to enter Pakistani waters, which they successfully disenchanted the attempt.

Pakistan amid several trespassing of the Indian forces has tried to defend its land from the peace violating agendas. India showing aggression over the gun down jets has once again violated the LOC through the sea.

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Using specialized skills, Pakistani Navy ward off the Indian Submarine which was fully equipped with the latest technology. Pakistan Navy evidently showed off their capabilities and showed that it is always ready and vigilant to defend the country’s maritime frontiers, expressed the spokesperson.

It was the second occurrence since 2016 when Pakistani Navy has detected an Indian submarine trying to invade in Pakistani waters stated the spokesman Pak Navy.

The Pakistan Navy also released video of the submarine with the grainy monochrome footage which shows what come out to be periscopes above water. The timestamp shown in the video clip predicted that it began at 8.35 pm on Monday.

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Pakistan stepping forward not only proved the peaceful gesture across the world it also declared that it can defend its border very well. Just like Pakistan India has done no such move or gesture for de-escalation so far.

“The Submarine was detected and localized in Pakistan’s maritime zone on 04 March 19. The submarine could have been easily engaged and destroyed had it not been Pakistan’s policy to exercise restraint in the face of Indian aggression and to give peace a chance to prevail,” said the statement.

According to another statement it said, in order to maintain peace, Pakistan did not target the Indian submarine which is a reflection of Pakistan’s desire for peace they wanted in the region.