Early today during the Friday prayer, two mosques in central Christchurch New Zealand were targeted by some youngster who opened up the fire on the innocent Muslims inside.
Forty-nine is a number of people who become the victim and lost their lives. A terrorist attacked which is not against any religion but against humanity. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemns this inhuman act of hatred and describes it as an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.

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According to the officials, a man merely in his 20s had been charged with murder, they also found two explosive devices attached to a vehicle which they had stopped.
A Muslim leader stated that this incident was very shocking especially because it took place around Friday Prayer. Considering that Muslims have high religious importance of the Friday Prayer and all over the world Muslims gather in Mosques to offer this special prayer.
All the Mosques are under tight security and people are asked to stay away from them for the time being until further notice.

A video went viral that appeared as a manifesto by a gunman involved in the shooting on the same day.

Mike Bush, the country’s police commissioner, declared in an evening news conference that at Al Noor Mosque 41 people had been killed and seven at Linwood Mosque and another victim had died at Christchurch Hospital.

From the footage recovered from the suspect which could have been taken from a helmet camera, the gunman was wearing. In this, he can be seen in the rearview mirror of his car and then he steps out and walked towards the mosque’s door and started shooting at the worshipers on Al Noor Mosque.

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He got out and fired in both the direction, went to take another weapon and again went inside to shoot at a very close range. Afterwards, he returns to his vehicle and drove away.
This brutality and the international media’s attempt to twist the reality are being questioned all over the world by Muslims. People are asking UN to take notice of this mass killing of innocent lives as an act of terrorism just like the white skin agendas, and do not mislead the case by declaring this a depression case or mantle disability.