As foretold in the history by the wise men that art has no boundaries and is limitless, free and soulful. That is the where beauty lies and is an absolute pleasure for food of thought.
Art has many forms and colors, it is wild like fire and calm as a morning breeze, it is soothing as a shade of a tree in the scorching heat for the ones who want to revitalize them.

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In an attempt to bring performers from worldwide platforms under one umbrella and be treasured, NAPA (The National Academy of Performing Arts) organizes an event every year. Performing artists are invited and received from many countries globally. Collectively with the best from Pakistan, their immense talents are put on show and distinguished.

This exclusive event is being organized for the sixth time. This is the largest festival NAPA brings forward every year, which will start from 12th of March, and continue till 31st.
Five countries and more than 20 performances, the flavor of art from Italy, France, Germany, Iran, Sri Lanka, and Australia will feature in the gala. There will also be a variety of Pakistani plays multiple languages like in Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, and Balochi will also be performed.

Performances will include plays and dramas, which will exhibit eras from the past and the present. The topic under discussion will be more significant, like war, fascism, migration, and gender.

Some of the theater that will be performed include Oh My Sweet Land, The Year of the Fish, The Playlist, Wahala, Devi, Some Days Ago, Dottok-e-Lug, Bari, Heer, Journey, and Mezzotono.

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Zia Mohyeddin founder and director Napa have tailored two plays – Mureed-e-Shak, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale and Court Martial, a drama that depicts the class system in South Asia.

NAPA Performing Arts Festival foresees bringing together artists performing customary dances of different nations and endows them with a platform to perform a fusion of different cultures. The festival looks towards to challenge conventional perception of art.