And the teaser for the love saga “Parey Hut Love” is out finally. The biggest Pakistani blockbuster considered up till now to be released this year include the prominent name of Parey hut love.

The debutant director of famous Ho Mann Jahan is all set to release his second feature film this year. Casting the best as always Asim Raza had given us the flavor of all amazing actors in his previous hit, waiting to discover more from his side and expecting next level of creativity the audience has set their eyes on the big screen.

This Pakistan Day be ready for a special teaser bomb of Shaan Shahid’s Zarrar

Lead roles of the film are taken up by the good looking Shahryar Munawar and the diva Maya Ali along with others like Zara nor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Butt kin the supporting roles. The motion poster of the film reveals there might be some sort of cultural wedding touch in the script. As both, the actors look stunning in the poster on the lavishly decorated set says it all.

The Vision Factory production collaborated with ARY Films as distribution partner worldwide. Already having the highest grosser worldwide Parey Hut Love will be released through ARY Films platform.

By the motion poster of the film the background score supposedly the title track of the film gives a soothing feel to listen and hopefully when it comes out it will take you to another dream world.

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Craving for more now from the motion poster featuring Sheheryar Munawwar and Maya Ali, Parey Hut Love has some romantic vibes all together captured in a royal portrait and it can’t get more exciting than this.

The film is scheduled to be released in 2019; Parey Hut Love is the most followed trend everywhere since we got its sneak peek. We still are anxiously waiting for its trailer but until then we have to calm ourselves with this lovely poster.