Dates back to the 1908, Celebrations for “Father’s Day” started when the first known Father’s Day service was conducted at a church in West Virginia, USA. The credit for which goes to Grace Golden Clayton when she suggested if the Sunday service could be conducted in the honor of all Dads.

In the past few days, some men have noted that our yearly fathers fest serves only to remind them they have no children. Others, male and female, have remarked that this day serves only to trigger memories of fathers they never knew, who abused or abandoned them, who have died.

Google Celebrates Father’s Day, Google Doodle Splashes Colour And Symbolism

Google today celebrates Father’s Day with a playful yet symbolic doodle. The doodle shows colorful hand prints that closely resemble a dinosaurs family or two. The doodle is suggestive of the bond between the family and the father, heading and protecting it. Last year, Google celebrated the day with an animated cacti doodle showing the various roles a father plays in a family. The cacti was seen to be metaphorical to the tough exterior and nature of a father.

From 109 years back since now this year, Father’s Day will celebrated today and it has several traditions and forms of celebrations across the globe. The day, dedicated to fathers, gives children the opportunity to honor and pamper their fathers.