The application Instagram will allow users to download all of their personal photos published on the application, as well as personal data that has been shared, in the footsteps of Facebook, which has the Integrator application.

There was no way to download images on the Instagram application in the past, but the EU Data Protection Act, which forced social networking sites to deal with greater transparency, forced Instagram to provide that service.

The new edition of the application will include the download of images and data, which was not previously available.

The EU gave a deadline for social networking sites until May 25 to disclose user data after the Facebook leak scandal exposed user data to a political consulting firm that invested in election ads.

How do you download your information?

The download will not be easy to click on a single button, but the user will have to send an application to Instagram, which will send a link to upload images and data on the user’s email.

It will take 48 hours before the link is sent.

In addition to the user’s personal images and information, Instagram will send all temporary images to the Story feature, all user-generated images, all the words searched, all private messages, and a list of all your followers.