Pakistan Hindu Council has passed a unanimous resolution to celebrate the event of colors and happiness along with the celebration of Pakistan Day, in honor to present its wishes and support to Pakistan Forces on 20th March.

As Pakistan’s clearly declares the rights of its minorities and the freedom to practice their religion without any fear. To show its patriotism and loyalty towards the nation and arm forces the minority Hindu community has announced that they will be celebrating the biggest color gala and the religious event on Pakistan day. This festival is celebrated to be reminded of the victory of good over evil.

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The increasing popularity of celebrating with colors is taking over every culture and it shows the happy feelings of defeating and destroying the evil. Now the most important day of Pakistan history will be marked with another victory, recently Pakistan Air force has put a feather of triumph by protecting its borders from the evil hands and saved its nation like a hero. To give this success a boost to another level it will be celebrated with Holi.
Celebrations of the color gala festival will be held at the Shri Panchumukhi Hanuman Temple, Soldier Bazar, Karachi.

The idea of Pakistan presented by Quaid e Azam was to unite Muslims and give them the freedom to practice their religion openly with fear, but it also declared that the minorities will not be deprived of its right. They will also have the same freedom to express their religious believes.

The patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, with other members of the managing committee of PHC, held a meeting to discuss the peace initiative to defuse Pakistan-India tensions in the recent visit of Parliamentarian to India.

The managing committee of PHC, during its meeting, also hailed the recent visit of Parliamentarian Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani to India as a peace initiative to defuse Pakistan-India tensions.

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The meeting was attended by Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani (Patron), Gopal Khamuani (President), Parshotam Ramani (Gen. Secretary), Paman Lal Rathi (Joint Secretary), Bharat Kumar Mangalni (Finance Secretary), Prem Talreja (Advisor) and different members.