A love story from an angle is what this new film is about. But the question is what this is about. So for the audience to know that this romantic drama is about two patients with a genetic disease cystic fibrosis.

The story is an adaptation of the novel Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott and is a directed by Justin Baldoni.

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The story revolves around two youngsters going through a difficult phase of their life. Both the patients have to keep a distance but love bounds them together, and now they feel what it is like to be together yet apart.

Stella played by the young Haley Lu Richardson and Will played by Cole Sprouse, has accepted the drawbacks of life and have given up on faith, but as the destiny brings the two together the real love story begins.

The cystic fibrosis patients aren’t allowed to have physical contact with each other due to their disease. The novel is based on the “six-foot rule,” instructions set by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation that asks its two patients that they must keep minimum six feet (two meters) away from each other to minimize the risk of cross infection.

Breaking the rules they lessen on feet from the distance and found a way through a billiard cue that is exactly 5 feet long and the teenagers can go on their first date. Not being able to get close or touch and hug people around you is devastating. This is how they kept themselves apart after being in love.

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This tells us how important it is to be apart and not being able to connect or touch each other. It’s just the cue which connects the two together.

But this is not a story about their love, but also fears of losing someone, the fear of unexpected death, trust issues, and the fact that love could kill them one day.
We are so looking up for this story and hoping it turns out a good, full of emotions film of all time.