Pakistani comedian Majid Jahangir who earn fame from “Fifty Fifty” is currently living in very poor conditions, begging on the streets of Lahore to fulfill his needs.

He has displayed banners for help at various spots across the city Lahore due to his extreme poverty.

The comedian first earned fame back in the 1980s through “Fifty Fifty”, an all time hit Pakistani comedy series. Unfortunately, Jahangir got paralyses around three years ago after which he was unable to work. Therefore, he moved to Lahore from Karachi with his wife seeking financial help.

Jahangir told a local newspaper about his current situation and how his circumstances forced him to relocate. He also stated that he has demanded the Government of Pakistan for its support but has had no luck so far.

Although the governments of Sindh and Punjab have provided him with financial care in the past, Jahangir is in need of further assistance.

The comedian shared that he does not even have enough money for food and is also facing many issues with his treatment. “This is the worst time of my life. I am 66 years old and have spent the last three years without work. Besides this, I have a lot of expensive medical bills to pay due to my paralysis.”

Businessman Malik Riaz last week wrote a letter, promised to help Jahangir financially but the latter is yet to receive anything still.