Documentary about the life of Jia Khan

Since her death in 2013, the late young actress Jia Khan has been the subject of controversy so far.

Jia’s death, which police uncovered as suicide, became controversial in the center and made headlines, especially as she was 25. Deccan Chronicle recently revealed that a famous British director wants to direct a 3-part documentary about the life of the young actress and her suicide story.

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In addition, sources told the Hindustan Times (the unidentified British director was seen in Mumbai for several days), and there is a great secret to the details of the series, as in response to the newspaper’s request to comment on the documentary series, one of the workers on the series: It is too early to reveal any details about the work.

With regard to Jia’s death, she reportedly committed suicide because of the failure of her relationship with Indian actor Suraj Pancholi. It should be noted that a 6-page Jia letter was found, the content of which indicated that it was intended for Suraj.

After the police found Jia’s body on 3 July and verified the letter, actor Suraj was later arrested and charged with inciting suicide, before being released on bail the following month. Murder.

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As for Jia’s career, she participated in three films.It is reported that she appeared on the screen for the first time in the film Nishbad in which she appeared with the star Amitabh Bachchan, also appeared in the film Ghajini with the star Amir Khan, in addition to the film House Fall with Akshay Kumar.