Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the national award will be bestowed on Mian Naeem Rashid, a Pakistani by heart and soul lost his life in an effort to prevent a terrorist from shooting worshippers at a mosque in New Zealand.

After the horrific New Zealand attack at two mosques in Christchurch city around 50 Muslims lost their lives. Muslims all over the world condemn and support each other in the difficult times and stood against the inhuman forces that are behind these massacres done in the name of religious hatred.

New Zealand Shooting 49 Dead after 2 Mosques Attacked

Condolences and sympathy to the affected families are expressed from people worldwide through social media. Among the grieving families are the nine Pakistani families who lost their dear ones in the horrific attack.

A Pakistani man named Naeem Rashid who stood up as a hero, succumbed to his wounds on Saturday morning after he tried to stop the terrorist to take innocent lives of worshipers attending the Friday congregation prayer. He saw his son got killed in front of him and rushed to save others but was shot dreadfully.

The video documented by the white extremist attacker going live at the time he shot Naeem Rashid coming towards him. He was barehanded when he tried to avert the fully armed extremist. Even while Talha, Naeem‘s son got shot at the mosque.

The prime minister Imran Khan said the government is ready to extend all support to families of Pakistani lost in the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

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The gunman who opened fire in a mosque packed with worshippers was stopped by the humanitarian and brave resident is being remembered as a hero.

A resident originally from the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, left his family to give his life in the sake of humanity and brotherhood.