Veteran comedian , writer and director Anwar Maqsood released the latest episode of his online series titled Anwarnama on April 22nd and it intended to be a satire on Sindhis. Titled “Aik Sindhi Ka Interview”, it shows Anwar reading a skit featuring him and a ‘common Sindhi’.Have a look at that episode:

During the episodic Interview, the man claimed that he did nothing for a living “because I am Sindhi” and took multiple bank loans which he avoided paying back by faking his death.

In an attempt to be funny, people were critical over the portrayal of the Sindhi man as “lazy and corrupt” and stated such generalisations “spread hate”.

The episode hurt the sentiments of entire Sindhi population, here and abroad and caused a massive online backlash. Although it has now been removed from social media after Anwar publicly apologised in a video.

Comedian Ali Gul Pir and Mooroo took to Twitter to express that he was “deeply offended by the racist video made by Anwar Maqsood and his team”.

“Comedy and satire should always be about a certain mentality, not a a ethinicity or community. Calling Sindhis lazy and corrupt is not funny, it’s spreading hate and maligning,” Ali said.

The veteran humorist in his web series Anwarnama “shares a collection of letters, writings, stories and his experiences pertaining to themes of society, culture, politics and personalities in an intimate setting”.