It is just simply NOSTALGIC, the moment Aladdin live-action movie was announced since then the only thing coming to mind was when it will release. Now the trailer is out and we can’t hold ourselves to rush to the cinemas.

For the new generation who might not be familiar with the magic of these Disney’s tales will have to wait for the magic to happen or they can watch the classic Aladdin without the fear of spoiler as it will surely make you bound to its magic.

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For all the ones who are part of that era when these Disney characters became your childhood memories can understand that this year is going to be a bumpy ride down the memory lane as not only Aladdin but some other Disney tales are coming to life. Bringing back so many nostalgic memories of our magical childhood, reminding of days we’d spend watching Aladdin, the whole animated movie or on Disney Hour one episode after another.
Apart from the world of critics and haters we all know deep down inside that just like the classic this is going to rock our world to the fullest. The absolutely loved new trailer of Disney’s live-action version of Aladdin is in your watch list now.

Will Smith will be seen as the blue majestic Djinn named Genie in the film and we are sure that he will lift the character to a total next level, doing justice with Robbin Williams great voiceover expressions and a tribute to the late actor. Aladdin’s best friend Genie will have a new revived touch by Will Smith.

According to the trailer, Aladdin’s relationship with Genie and his equation with Jasmine as well is kept in focus. Whereas Mena Massoud has portrayed Aladdin, the pocket picker or the thief who accidentally came in contact with the beautiful princess. Naomi Scott as Jasmine who is the daughter of Sultan and the ultimate beauty bound to obey the royalty is searching for the freedom before she gets married and wants to explore the world outside the palace walls.

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Directorial of Guy Ritchie and the campaign to reimagine and adapt the part of Disney’s best-animated classics as live-action films is exceptional, Aladdin is ready to be released on the 24th of May 2019.