Akshay Kumar one of the most famous Bollywood actor

For more than 15 years, he has been responsible for presenting films that reflect the reality of Indian society and correct misconceptions. He is a Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar.

He has always been aware of what a simple Indian citizen is suffering from at the beginning of the film “Singh is King”, in which he talked about accepting differences, especially those related to religion, through “Jonny LLB 2”, discussing the situation of the judiciary, which is the highest revenue so far, in 2019.

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In spite of everything Akshay tries to offer to his native India, he is classified as a Canadian citizen by passport. He obtained residence in Canada during his childhood, and even after he returned to India. He did not accompany his stardom in obtaining the Indian passport.

The issue of Kumar’s nationality has recently become a source of condemnation for the public of India in general, and Akshay in particular, especially after the release of movie Gold. The audience commented on the success of the films: “If nationality is only made by love and belonging, Akshay is the right Nationality of any other Indian “.

Akshay Kumar, 51, made a televised interview with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has contributed to Modi’s increasing popularity. The dialogue has shown the human side of the prime minister.

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Kumar began his career in Bollywood in 1992 through the film “Khiladi” and has made 130 films so far. He has also made famous duets with many Indian stars, most notably Shilpa Shetty and his former lover Ravina Tandon before he married Twinkle Khanna In 2001, with two children, Aarav Kumar, and Nitara Kumar.

Akshay Kumar’s some of the most famous films are, Gabbar, Singh is Bliing, House Full Series, Mujh Se Shadi Krogi, and Kesari.