Lately, the viral trolls are mostly on the current Pakistan India conflict. But apart from the political conflict, another conflict is storming the internet which is about Adnan Sami’s tweet supporting India.

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It has been long since he moved to India and even got married an Indian girl after he divorced the dazzling diva Zeba Bakhtiar of Pakistani cinema along with a son. He built himself a family there and is living a happy life with fame and money.

At many occasions when there is a tension arising between the two countries and many celebs across the border supports their respective countries, Adnan has always supported India. To that every time people called him with names like betrayed or other harsh comments.

But after the winning situation of Pakistan in the Air combat recently, Pakistanis are loaded with joy that they took his tweet in a most positive way and responded in a very unique, friendly and humorous way. Giving him the title of Major who is an undercover agent plotted in India to trespass information through his songs and he did the job well-done. People trolled him using his song as a decoder of information on many occasion he sang.

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Adnan tried to respond on the tweets posted to him in quite an aggressive expression. He called the Pakistanis as Ostrich mentality and pointed out that it is their egos that causing the problems as the Indian forces successfully attacked the militants supported by Pakistan. He compared by giving an example of a bucket full of shit, which is very disgusting as he had taken it pretty hard on himself.

Well some of them even took this tweet sarcastically as an expression of aggression overexposing him in India where he has been placed secretly and now his hard work and his life are at stake.